FEATURE: A to Z with Sam Green

The #OurSheerwater A to Z interview series continues as we get to know the favourites, crushes and biggest icks of another player; Sam Green is next under the spotlight.

A - Favourite actor: Morgan Freeman or Leonardo DiCaprio

B - Best football moment? Playing at The Madejski (SCL) stadium

C - Celebrity crush: Margot Robbie

D - Dream holiday destination: The Maldives

E - Easy or world class difficulty on FIFA video game? World class when I last played it

F - Biggest FEAR: The fear of failure

G - Favourite Video Game: Don't play them but used to be FIFA or Call of Duty

H - Hidden talent? Pretty good cook

I - Biggest Ick? Lack of manners

J - Are you more a Joker or serious? More serious on the pitch

K - What song you would sing at Karaoke? (Sittin' On) the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding

L - Do you have any celebrity Lookalike? I've been told a few times that I look like Sean Morrison (must be the nose)

M - Favourite Movie: Shutter Island or Snatch

N - Nandos order: Half a chicken (hot spice) with plain chips, coleslaw and corn on the cob.

O - One thing you’d take with you if you were stuck on on a desert island?

A penknife

P - Proudest life moment? Becoming a dad!

Q - Favourite QUOTE or meme: Progression is progression, no matter how small!

R - Right or left footed? Right foot only

S - How many pairs of shoes and trainers?

9 or 10

T - Tea or coffee? Coffee over tea. Only psychos put milk in first for tea!

U - Are you a conspiracy theorist and do you believe in aliens/UFO’s? No I don’t believe in them but fun to listen to them at times.

V - What’s your go-to vacation destination? Love going to Italy for the food and drink.

W - What is your nickname and why?


X - Xfactor or love island? Love Island because Xfactor is terrible.

Y - Describe your personality in 2 words:

Nice guy

Z - ZIP code, what area are you from?

RG12 (Bracknell)

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