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The London County Council started to build Sheerwater Estate in 1948, for families that wanted to move out of London and start a new life in Surrey. Around 1,380 houses were built at a cost of approximately £3 million. This prompted a community spirit from the early days, and football being the number one sport, came into effect when groups of men started having a kick around at the Sheerwater Recreation Ground, using their coats for goal posts.

Sheerwater Football Club was founded in 1958 by early members of the club, the late John French (also player), Stan West, Ken May, Bill Hilleard, Herbert Taylor (also player), Syd Morris, Derrick Thomas, Jim McDermott and players Dennis Hill, John Murray, Micky Wedge, Chris Robinson, Jose Garcia, Tony Minchinton, Don Stevens, Michael French, Jim Kelly, to name a few. Sheerwater joined the local Woking & District League. We then progressed through the Divisions and obtained Intermediate status in the Surrey Intermediate (Western) League in the 1967-68 season.


The club then progressed to senior level, and we were promoted to the Surrey Senior League for the 1972-73 season and a highest finish of 6th in the 1974-75 season. In 1978 following the loss of clubs to the London Spartan League, Hampshire clubs were admitted to the Surrey Senior League with the title of the competition eventually becoming the Combined Counties League.


In 1981-82 the League had reached 22 members, and as a consequence was split into East and West divisions. In a dreadful season with only one win and one draw the club finished bottom of the East division, 16 points behind Clarion and both Sheerwater and Clarion were relegated to the newly formed Surrey Premier league.

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In our first season in this new league we had a highest position of 5th in 1982-83. However in 1984-85 we finished only above the bottom side Heath End Wanderers and another relegation followed. Unfortunately the vacancy at the lower level was a position in the Surrey Intermediate (Eastern) Division. Fortunately after one season in the Eastern Division we were allowed to transfer to the Surrey Combination Premier Division for the 1986-87 season, but we were relegated at the end of the season. After twice finishing third, we were Champions of Division One in 1989-90 and promoted to the Premier Division for 1990-91, finishing in a mid-table position. However in June 1991 The Surrey Combination and Surrey South Eastern Intermediate Leagues merged, but we were able to move sideways to the Surrey Intermediate (Western) League. This was only for one season as we achieved promotion back to the Surrey Premier League. Our stay was, however, for only one season as we finished above bottom club Ashtead, only on goal difference, and were relegated once more. Yet again this was only for one season. In 1994-95 we were back in the Surrey Premier League and finished 9th. After many discussions the Surrey Premier league became the first division of the Combined Counties league for the season 2003-04.

We are still in the Combined Counties today, striving to maintain league standards with no budget, few committee members and local helpers that maintain a good standard for the League. 


Sheerwater moved out of the Athletics Stadium in 2018 to allow for the redevelopment of the area to progress. As part of that process, Sheerwater moved into The Laithwaite Community Stadium with neighbours Woking FC until 2021 which saw the club promoted to the Combined Counties Premier Division for the first time in their history.

At the end of the 2020/21 season, Sheerwater were on the move once again, hopefully for the final time as they moved down the road to the Eastwood Centre, which is the £25m Leisure Centre built for purpose. 

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